The mystery of Deep Purpose

An important tool to create value in Scientific Customer Gardening is Deep Purpose Analysis. The purpose for a customer to buy a product is a key aspect of value creation. The underlying question is, what does the specific customer see in this product?

Let us assume, the product is one of the cooking robots that promises to automate cooking to the extent that you produce memorable results without lots of experience. This is how its value is sold to the interested audience. It creates different kinds of associations and different kinds of ‘value’ in the form of individual ‘dreams coming true’. Here is a selection of options that individual customers would buy a cooking robot for:

  1. I want to be able to cook at restaurant level at home
  2. I want to have my food ready when I come back from work
  3. I want to create an inspired atmosphere for my guests
  4. I want to save money, buying only the food I really need
  5. I want to showcase the sophistication of my kitchen
  6. I want to have a larger variety of dishes to select from

In this case, we would have six different starting points for the creation of value, sothe robot needs to serve six different purposes. It is also important to address the right purpose for the reality of each potential customer.

However, purpose is only an ‘expression of purpose’. The root of that expression must be seen as the driving force, that we call the ‘Deep Purpose’. Deep Purpose reveals details that are important for the design or the configuration of a service, because it shows how the success of the purchase is going to be measured by the buyer. Here is an example of the ‘Deep Purpose’ behind purpose (1) in our example above:
‘I think I cook at restaurant level at home, when…’

  • 1a  –  I can cook meals with a taste that is like in my favourite restaurants OR
  • 1b  –  I can dive into new cuisines I did not know before OR
  • 1c  –   I can create a relaxed atmosphere with guests, when the robot does the work OR
  • 1d  –   The robot works so delicately that I am able to taste the quality of single ingredients OR
  • 1e  –   I can cook great meals from cooks with big names OR
  • 1f   –   I can make cooking a high quality show for my guests

And maybe the Deep Purpose is even a mixture of two or more of them. In any case, to know the Deep Purpose at the bottom of value perception, is essential, as it tells us what the measure will be when customers judge how well we met their dream of ‘cooking at restaurant level’.

However, we cannot be satisfied at this level of insight. Once we have identified the Deep Purpose as the driver of value perception, we want to understand how ‘big’ the value is that the robot creates. This, in comparison to cost involved, helps us with an orientation for pricing.

In times when the fight seems to be one for the best price, there are new chances for the creation of value. Those chances are rooted in the understanding of value perceptions, and as a key to that, in Purpose and Deep Purpose.

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