When a killing product kills the company

Scientific Customer Gardening is all about creating the best growth conditions for business. Imagine this setup in a Gardening Lab. We want to understand how the different ‘nutrients’ along the customer journey impact customers in their buying behavior. 

We talk about a (B2B) product or service, plus the fabric of interaction around it, like customer communication, customer support, customer engagement. In our Gardening Lab we group feedback data for each product and the interaction around it, for 60 different kinds of products. How impressed are customers by the product? How much by the interaction?  The surprising answer is: 3% product, 97% interaction. Wow! That’s more than anybody would have expected. What does this mean? Apparently, looking at how in B2B repetitive buying decisions are taken, you can take the product quality out of the equation, and nothing changes. Your success continues. Conversely, if there is just a spectacular product without the interaction fabric around it, there is a 97% chance that the company will fail (in a B2B environment).

Now, let’s apply this knowledge to a start-up company with a spectacular product. The product finds attention, and onboarding is no problem. Quickly there are thousands of active users. So far, so good. The important switch in your mindset if you make a product the base for a company, is to understand that from now on, it is the company that counts. First of all this is because it produces the interactive fabric around the product, and second, because this fabric dictates the success of the product and of the company. The product quality itself only has a 3% prediction value in the algorithm of success. 

In other words, you may start a company with a killer product, but then the product may kill your company. This is because the product is only the ticket into the market. Business success, , in B2B, comes from the interaction fabric between company and customers. No idea how to create this fabric? Then you better leave your product at home. And do your homework.  

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