Why you need a customer gardening lab

Our competitive markets have created impressive standards of product quality. Whilst years ago it was  easy to distinguish products by their quality , today the differences are simply much smaller, because all have learned to adapt to their customers. Have you seen rusting cars in the last 20 years?

This high standard can turn into a trap, because all the learnings of the past, which have been the base of success, are not easily torn down, when the current changes. 

This is where Customer Gardening Labs have their value. You can modify elements of your business model in a sandpit environment, radically, without risking existing business relations. On the contrary, the seriousness of seeking a win-win situation creates trust with the selected customers who have undergone the sandpit experience with you. Maybe we will not expect a radically new business constellation, but neither will we be surprised to see one appear. 

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