The world is a coin, and not a globe

Do you think you can judge the network performance of the mobile operator that you most often use? I personally don’t care about research, because what matters for me is how something works in my normal environment. But I myself would not think about such a question. I would leave the judgment to intuition, to gut feeling.

From an overall perspective, a large proportion of mobile phone users (intuitively) judge network performance from their impression of the upload speed of media files to Facebook. A few years back, it was the speed of a search machine that mattered most.

For the CTO of an operator, all this makes no sense. He tracks network performance in his own way, according to technical indicators. Unfortunately, user and engineer use the same word, although they are worlds of associations apart. Or, how a CTO of a large US operator put it: ‘My performance figures can be mathematically proven. Anything else is bullshit.’ As a more sophisticated version, it would sound like, ‘there is no coin, I live on a globe, and I live there alone’.

If the question is just to mathematically prove that a reality exists, the task is easy. It just requires data and a way to connect it, a grammar that carries meaning. As data is mostly not the problem, the question melts down to a grammar that makes practical sense. Sense it must make for the customer  and must meet the sensitive points of customer perception[MH1] . In terms of data, the word customer perception signals ‘keep it simple’. And it brings up the questions of context and purpose.  

If you now add target and success criteria, you have a comprehensive set of rules of grammar of customer interaction. A simple grammar with no exceptions, but with a rich associative tree of references on top of each single basic element.  

Ok. Here we are. The perception of the world through the eyes of a customer can be mathematically proven and must therefore be declared to be reality. Which means the world is a coin, and not a globe. CTOs will need to learn something.

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