Waiting list for the year 33,730

X-mas preparations in our customer gardening lab

Gardening Assistant: “Why all these stupid baubles, candles, tinsels that I have to hang on the firs? If those stand for all the value, why not grow the trees completely decorated? I bet, you, the big gardening scientists, you just can’t do it.”

Data Scientist 1: “You will not believe it, but everything is possible. It is just a question of likelihood. I can do the calc.”

Data Scientist 2: “Let’s use Genetic Algorithms. Copying nature, which has created funny things like dinosaurs and bonobos! How simple is a x-mas tree in comparison!”

Data Scientist 1: “Copying nature, and then using the knowledge in a smart way. Nature can be such a laggard!”

Data Scientist 2: “Let’s speed it up! How many lapses do you need?”

Data Scientist 1: “Only 14 quadrillion.”

Data Scientist 2: “Oh, that sounds doable. Each of them does not even take a nanosecond.

Data Scientist 1: “By no means. I have done the calc already. It will take only 12 trillion seconds to get there.”

Gardening Assistant: “Good! I will open up the waiting list for the first customers. When will that be? Hopefully still this week. I hate tinsels.”

Data Scientist 1: “Unfortunately not quite. In which year are we? 2,020! So you can open up the waiting list for the year 33,730.”

Gardening Assistant: “Gosh! I am confused. Is that good news or bad news?”

Data Scientist 2: “Bad enough for you.”

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