What has shaped the face of the last decade?

Looking back on the last decade, what are the factors that have shaped it? My immediate first reaction is to think about the growing services that keep you connected and empowered.

That relates to high level technology, but when it comes to customer communication, most of my service suppliers appear to be slightly schizophrenic.

Communication to customers is done by marketing. The communication from the customer back to the business is outsourced to a call-center, because this saves 5 cents a call and puts off customers from calling in at all.

This particular narrative tells me a lot about the last decade:

‘Dear customer, I spend a lot of money to show you my beautiful face before you buy, but you will see my ugly backside afterwards (when you try to waste my money through your customer service; in other words I have to protect myself against your foolish incompetence).’

Service providers are just an example; they are big enough to set the standard. It is a story of building and destroying, of feeding and starving, of necessities but impossibilities. By modern measures of sustainability, the last decade strayed far from standards of good governance (EPS). Let’s hope the new decade will change this.

But it is a logical effect of a silo structure. Where marketing can spend money, service has to reduce cost.

And what about the customer? The customer switches to Amazon to get more consistent communication and procedures. Amazon has been growing for more than 20 years and nobody is really asking why. Maybe because the answer would disturb the silo structure, the true foundation of corporate power.  

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