What is your Gravity Score?

The biggest problem of all big companies is their own gravity. The company’s gravity means that all eyes are on the inside, with only a few looking out. This is the daily reality for most employees.

The topics among colleagues are much more the colleagues themselves, the decisions of the management, the current industrial radio, etc. The larger the organization, the more it tends to create its own reality, and there is little that a single employee can do to escape it. CEOs often fight desperately, but few have found a good recipe to solve the problem.

There is only two ways to combat the gravity of companies; to give the customer a high level of visibility in the corporate reality, or even better, to make customers part of the workflow. The greater the customer’s perception, the greater its influence on the course of daily processes, the less the effects of corporate gravity.

You can measure it like this: what percentage of your employees and colleagues are constantly confronted with what customers say, how customers think and feel? This value, subtracted from 100, is your gravity score. In many large companies, this score is 90 to 95. Most will be somewhere in the middle, but the good ones score between 0 and 5.

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