The management of cacophony

In customer gardening, customer communication is a central ‘nutrient’ of ‘interaction quality’. But this is difficult if the supplier speaks in different ways – if marketing for example speaks a different ‘language’ than service?

The situation gets even more complicated when take into account the fact that listening is also a key part of communication. To what extent does marketing consider listening to be one of it’s tasks? Listening is often outsourced to market research agencies and talking is outsourced to call centers.

So in effect, a distance is being created between the service provider and its customers. Customer centricity is the most widespread credo in the customer management and quality assurance strategies of technology companies. However, this outsourcing policy has as much to do with customer centricity as butter in Italian cuisine.

Marketing needs to be the overall integrator of all kinds of inter-communication with customers, whether that is from sales, service, or delivery.

This is the precondition for making customer communication an ingredient in customer relations, and one that can play a role in the quality of the interaction. As long as this does not happen, the customer perceives a kind of cacophony that costs money on the supply side and creates confusion between buyers and decision makers.

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